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Case Study: Vision Glass Doors


Vision Glass Doors is a home improvement company based in the UK who design, manufacture and install glass doors. In June 2023, Boujee Brands helped them redesign their website to improve their online presence and increase sales.

Communication was better than we've experienced in the past with other agencies.

Their attention to detail and passion for completing the project to a high standard is what we feel sets them apart.

Paul Clark Vision Glass Doors

The problem: losing customers & money

Our client's old site had a 2011 design, was not designed for mobile devices, and often had loading times exceeding ten seconds. It was getting visits from Google searches but was not optimized for converting these users into sales.

Throughout the project Boujee Brands were extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Paul Clark Vision Glass Doors

Approach & techniques

We placed an emphasis on design, on-page SEO, performance, and user experience elements such as:

  • call-to-action buttons
  • copywriting
  • performance & code optimization
  • usability on phones and touchscreen devices
  • large, high resolution product photos
  • improved accessibility

The outcome turned an ineffective website with potentially high bounce rates into an optimal website that helps the potential customer make an informed decision.

Did you know?

  • 56% of consumers say they won't consider a business without a website.
  • 75% of users judge a company's credibility based on its website design.

Get your brand online today.

We'd have no reluctance to recommend Boujee Brands to anyone looking for help with their website or online presence.

Paul Clark Vision Glass Doors
Before and after screenshots of Vision Glass Doors website redesign on a phone

Don't lose customers due to a poor mobile user experience

Around 40% of Vision Glass Doors' traffic comes from mobile devices. Yet their old website was barely usable and not optimized for small screens.

Loading times were poor, the photos looked washed-out and low quality on today's high definition displays, and the text was difficult to read. We can do better!

Boujee Brands have helped vastly improve conversions by completing the re-design. The new redesign has also helped improve website traffic via organic search.

Paul Clark Vision Glass Doors

Optimize for sales: prospective customer quote form

It's important to have an effective means to get in front of a potential customer who is browsing your website. A quote form achieves this.

We designed a page with a quote form that is easy to use and provides the customer with an accurate quote in a timely manner. This is a win-win for both the customer and the business.

In saying that we'd also be happy to give a personal reference if needed. Boujee Brands went the extra mile so we're happy to do the same!

Many thanks.

Paul Clark Vision Glass Doors

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